Pre-built or Do-It-Yourself: Which Shed is right for you?

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Published: 16th May 2011
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So you have too much stuff to fit in that empty corner of the garage, and far too much to store in that tiny closet at the end of the hall: you need extra storage! If you don’t want to pay monthly rental fees, then backyard storage sheds may be the perfect solution for you. But today’s storage sheds come with a number of options, which could make the process of picking the right shed for your needs a bit daunting. Let’s explore the two primary categories of storage sheds on the market today: pre-built and do-it-yourself sheds.

One of the most common types of storage sheds today is the pre-built shed. Pre-built storage sheds come in a variety of materials, but are most common in 3 types: wood, synthetic, and metal. The benefits of a pre-built shed primarily derive from their rapid deployment capability and their convenience. Pre-built storage sheds require very little work, and most can be literally set in the corner of the backyard, filled with storage items, and be done. Within a matter of minutes after delivery, pre-built storage sheds can be protecting your personal items from theft and the elements. Another advantage of pre-built storage sheds is the vast array of style, color, size, and shape options available. Wood or metal storage sheds can be painted to match your home, or to nearly any color or style desired. Synthetic storage sheds can come in a variety of textures simulating wood, metal, stone, brick, or any number of options. However, pre-built storage sheds do have some properties that may not make them the best choice for everyone. Pre-built sheds are typically more expensive than do-it-yourself sheds and are, in general, less customizable than their hand-built counterparts. In addition, pre-built sheds often require special delivery methods, which can be less convenient and more expensive than other options.

On the other hand, do-it-yourself storage sheds can often be delivered in the bed of your average pickup truck. Do-it-yourself storage sheds provide a high-level of customization for the consumer, and components can be purchased over time, stretching the financial requirements of the more budget-conscious consumer. A typical do-it-yourself shed will be less expensive than its pre-built counterpart of similar size and construction, providing even more financial benefit. With thousands and thousands of plans for storage sheds available, the possibilities are nearly limitless, making versatility another big advantage for do-it-yourselfers. However, self-built storage sheds have their own set of potential drawbacks, perhaps the most prominent being that they require some knowledge of construction and carpentry. Do-it-yourself storage sheds can be complex and can require a significant amount of time to construct. Because of this, it may be advisable to get the help of an experienced friend if you are new to constructing storage sheds.

In the end, whether you build your own, or opt for a pre-fabricated storage shed, you will find that home storage is an economical and convenient solution to your storage needs. Making the right decision depends on what is important to you, so do your research and choose wisely.

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